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Ideas are worth nothing, unless they are executed

By 24. September 2016 No Comments

Ideas are worth nothing, unless they are executed. This statement may sound trivial, but execution is still one of the biggest hurdles for many corporations, preventing them from becoming successful innovators.

In Business Design agile project management is a key element for success. We encourage you to start implementing your ideas quite quickly. In some cases, we focus entirely on running experiments and building “social prototypes” in the first instance. Sometimes we jump right into the implementation of the lean offerings without any pre-launch tests. This depends on the complexity of the business model and the investment needed to realise it.

The “Action Plan Canvas” is a very simple but effective way to organise your activities in order to implement your business model / lean offerings and run your experiments in short cycles. Adapt the number of weeks per cycle to match what is appropriate for your industry. Make sure you create something tangible after each cycle.

The Action Plan canvas consist of 5 major areas:

Don’t forget to reflect on what you have achieved after each cycle. We usually spend half a day figuring out whether and how to improve both your business model and market offerings – step by step.